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Open Well Starter

Submersible Starter

Control Panel

  • SNR IP-DMS Control Panel
    Features :  Micro Controller Based Technology Motor Autostart Facility with setable on delay time. RYB indication for each phase. Protection from voltage unbalance, single phasing, overload, Drymn & also currcnt sensing SPP, (Push button fbr Setting) LED Display for voltagc & ammeter
  • SNR-IP 2007 Control Panel
    Features :  Microcontroller based technology. Motor stafts automatically after time delay l/3/5 min. Protection from voltage & current unbalance, single phasing.overload & dry run. (auto push button setting). RYB indication for each phase, Operates on lowvoltage (from250V) Usefulfor 3

Water Level Controller

Digital AV Meter Box

Other Products

  • Robot Timer
    Features :  Microcontroller based technoIogy. High_Quatity LED Disptay. Useful for timer for" streetlight, garden lighting. housing Society signboards etc. Separate 2 programe in 1 unit for 2 different applications. Use can be I ph. as well as 3 ph. supply. Auto/Manual Facility. Indicator for
  • Float Sensor

    Features :

    • Useful for waterlevel controller as water level sensor.
    • Antirust ABS plastic enclosure.
    • With No, COM., NC contacts.
    • Economical & Maintenance free Longlife with 12 m warranty.
  • Unique EL MCB

    Features :

    • Useful for 3 ph. Supply.
    • Range 16 A. 32 A, 63 A & as per requrrement
    • Short circuit ancl Earth leakage protection.
    • Earlh Leakage from 30 MA to 100 MA Settable.
  • DOL Unique Starter

    Features :

    • Useful for 3 PH. motorupto 7.5 H.P.
    • Direct onl ine, Air break push button type
    • With thermal overload protection relay
    • No Volt coil voltage from 275 V to 440 V opelating
    • Heavy powder coated encloser
  • Single Phasing Preventer
    Features :  Protection from Voltage Unbalance, Single Phasing, Reverse Phasing. Operates on low voltage (from 200 V) Useful for 3 Ph. 1 to 50 H.P, Openwell, Submersible, Monoblock Pumpsets. Duel colour LE,D indicator Green for OK & Redfor SPP.   Technical Specifications Operating voltage :
  • Cyclic Programmable Timer
    Features :  Operates on low voltage (from 200V) Useful for Agriculture & Industrial automation. Digital Time indications with LED Display. ON Time setting I Sec. to 999 Sec. & I Min. to 999Min. OFF Tirrre setting  I Sec. to 999 Sec. & l Min. to 999Min.   Technical Specification : Olerating
  • Fully Automatic Sub Control Panel
    Features :  Micro Controller Based Technology. Suitable for 1 Ph. Submersible Pumps. Available for 0.5 H'P. to 3 H.P. Sub Pumps. LED display for each Protection & facility. Auto set as per motor cument (as Per HP) Voltage & current shows continuously on LED display one by one. 0/L.& D/R%
  • Unique Thermal Overload Relay Unit

    Features :

    • Thermal Overload Protection
    • Useful for 3 ph. all type of motor for 0.5 HP. to 7.5 HP.
    • Relay Range 1.5 A- 2.5 A to 13-21 A