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Mobile Autoswitch SNR-MA-GSM

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Mobile Autoswitch SNR-MA-GSM

The Mobile Autoswitch SNR-MA-GSM is an easy to operate machine. Finding wide usage in agricultural field the Mobile Autoswitch SNR-MA-GSM is based on latest technology. The Mobile Autoswitch SNR-MA-GSM consumes less power and is available at the market leading price.

  • Micro controller based technology
  • Motor can be operated by phone on calling or SMS from any destination automatically (mobile network necessary)
  • You will get Audio feedback and SMS feedback of each operation and protection
  • Mobile auto can operate a specific number ( 5 Nos.) which will be feed by customer for his convenience to avoid misuse of Mobile Auto
  • You can get detail technical information by sending SMS for ST about current of each phase R Y B and also voltage between R Y, YB & BR at that time
  • When motor stops due to no load or overload you will get the current (A) at which current motor got DRYRUN or overload on LCD display
  • Useful for 1 ph. & 3 ph 1 HP to 20 HP openwell, submersible & monoblock pumps.
  • Protection from voltage unbalance, reverse phasing, single phasing (current sensing) overload, Dry run
  • Seperate indicator for timer, OK, SPP, O/L & N/L and also display on LCD
  • Mobile auto can operate in various languages
    • Marathi
    • Hindi
    • English
    • Gujarathi
    • Kanada
  • Enable / Disable facility available for each protection & automation(i.e. If you do not require O/L protection then you can disable this protection)
  • No need to attatc mobile handset with this unit you can direct insert sim card to this unit
  • Auto / Manual & Mobile ON/OFF facility
  • For details of voice feedback & other information please refer instruction manual with this unit<

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage 220 & 440 VAC,50 Hz
Dry Run trip timing 7 sec.
Dry Run setting 70% of full load current
Trip time delay 4 sec.
Star to Delta Time Delay 7 Sec.
Voltage Unbalance Setting 35 volts

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